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Store your personal RVs, cars, boats, trailers, and much more.

Boat Storage Camper Storage

A separate area is set aside for business equipment including backhoes, fleet cars and trucks, forklifts, and more.

Construction Equipment Storage

Choose from extensive storage space options.

Call us with confidence knowing that, if it moves, Centennial has a place to store it.

Options include:
Open parking spaces
Covered/canopy spaces
Fully enclosed, higher security warehouse storage
Mobile container storage and container rental

Open parking spaces:

Perfect for individual use: Recreational equipment, such as RVs, boats, campers, snowmobiles, ATVs, and more.
Perfect for Business Use: Commercial vehicles, such as trucks or OTR tractors/trailers, forklifts, backhoes, and more.
Length: 15 ft., 25 ft., 36 ft., 40 ft., 60 ft.
Width: 12 ft.
Access: Back-in and pull-through spaces are available.

Covered/canopy spaces:

Perfect for individual use: Large enough to accommodate the largest RVs
Length: 48 ft.
Width: 12 ft.
Clearance: 14 ft.

Fully enclosed, higher security warehouse storage:

Perfect for individual use: Custom storing of rare collector cars, high-performance sports cars or boats.
Length: 20 ft.
Width: 10 ft.
Room for Larger Boats: Larger sized boats can be stored across multiple spaces at an angle.

Mobile container storage and container rental:

Perfect for business use and great for individuals, too: Commercial and construction vehicle parking areas as well owned or leased containers. Leased containers require a minimum one year lease.
Length: 20 ft., 40 ft.
Width: 8 ft.
Container Storage Rental

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