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Store your personal RVs, cars, boats, trailers, and much more.

A separate area is set aside for business equipment including backhoes, fleet cars and trucks, forklifts, and more.

Online Single Payment or Monthly Autopay

You can pay safely and securely using the PayPal button below. You do not need to have a PayPal account. You can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, or your Bank Account. It's easy, secure, and quick - PayPal is the most secure way to make an online payment. Having payment trouble?

Please enter total amount below:

You may also setup your acccount to automatically pay your storage invoice every month. The amount placed in the box below will be automatically billed to your initial method of payment every month until cancelled by you. If the amount needs to be changed you will need to cancel your existing monthly Autopay subscription.

Be sure to start your Autopay schedule before your invoice due date. Your payment account will be charged once a month, on the same date that you started the Autopay service.

Please enter Autopay amount below:

Click the button below to cancel your Autopay Storage Fee

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Call or email us now for rates and to reserve your space:

(855) 466-4269

My Credit Card is being rejected?

Here some tips for successfully completing your online storage payment:

  • You must enter your full address and other required information exactly correctly. For example: enter St. instead of Street. Be sure there are no extra spaces and the number is correct or the verification step will fail the transaction.
  • If you are attempting to pay more than $3000, you must sign in to PayPal first and verify your credit card via their system. This is an extra protection to protect against fraud.
  • Card types that are currently not compatible with PayPal Merchant Services are:
    • Procurement and private label credit cards (such as a department store credit card).
    • Debit cards requiring a numeric password.
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Call or email us now for rates and to reserve your space:

(855) 466-4269

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