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Store your personal RVs, cars, boats, trailers, and much more.

A separate area is set aside for business equipment including backhoes, fleet cars and trucks, forklifts, and more.

Construction Equipment Storage

Trust the advanced security systems that protect your property.

Security is our number one priority at Centennial Storage.

Centennial security protects your property with the following systems and much more:

  • Proximity card-key access
    A card-key is required to enter and exit. Fully controlled access is linked to video identification of all persons entering and exiting. The same sophisticated system is used by the U.S. Space Command to access high-security military installations.
  • Panasonic High-Resolution Super Dynamic III motion sensing
    Centennial has color and night vision video surveillance cameras throughout the facilities that digitally record all activity.
  • Perimeter infrared intruder beams
    Installed near the fencing perimeters, these beams are monitored and dispatched 24/7 by a central station. They are not only dispatched to the police, but also to a private security patrol and company managers to ensure a fast response to any alarm.

Trust your property to Centennial Storage

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At Centennial Storage Ltd., we don't look to others to safeguard our lots. We are proactive and have implemented costly security measures to protect your property from theft and vandalism. Your business is our bread and butter - and we don't take anything for granted in protecting your property.

Greg Fantle, Owner

With tenants like these - this is security you can trust.

  • Littleton Police Officer
  • Englewood Police Officer
  • Douglas County Sheriff's Department Officer
  • SW Metro Crime Task Force Officer
  • FBI Agent
  • DEA Agent


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